Voices From The Deep

by Jane Dark

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Songs written between 2000-2003. First recorded during 2005-2006 with midi drums, but this recording has since been destroyed along with the hard disk containing it. It was re-recorded during 2007-2009 in Chainroom studio and Darman studio, mastered by Skoric Radovan. The album was released in 2011 by Terrorblast Productions. It received good reviews and has spread through the local underground scene thanks to Darko and Vampire zine. Videos were made for the songs 'Voices' and 'Behind The Walls.'


released January 13, 2011



all rights reserved


Jane Dark Zenta, Serbia

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Track Name: Children Of The Eternal Night
With me and see
What’s hidden behind the trees in the night
The shadows
That lead the way in your dreams
Long have you felt the distant call
Life exists behind the visible
The Bleak reality hurts, you don’t find yourself
You know this ain’t your world

The place
Where you always
Wished to be has always been here
Embracing you,
Let us bring you
As you carry the ancient marking
We hold the key
The night will open up
Ancient gates come to light
And follow us home
To the outcast’s asylum

Wars and hatred
Were all in vain
You can’t destroy
What has always been

This is the world where the light is dead
The sun doesn’t rise and black is the blood
We are the children of the eternal night
The superior life has pushed us out

Hidden from the profane, many years ago
Here we reside behind the illusion, and we will return
Hidden from the light, beyond the forgotten dark
Waiting for our time, for the day to come

Killing in the Lord’s name
Justice was dictated in the past

You must bow to, their false truths
They are satanic, the ones who refuse

Wars and...
This is the world...
Track Name: Behind The Walls
Darkness surrounds you
Walls are all around you
You grope about the bricks
But you can’t get out
You’re unable to recall
How long you’re living like this
Lies built neatly
That’s what they are building around you

You remember some moments
About the life outside the wall
When you were allowed to see
And you were allowed to live
Now you reach out
To feel the light
But only darkness is around you
And its walls that surround you

You know they’re everywhere
You know they’re not alone
You know they’re afraid of you
Because they know you can break free!
Track Name: In The Mouth of Madness
In a moment of silence and fluttering darkness
Figures of insanity dance hand in hand
In this raging dance they suck you in and drag you
Deeper and deeper

Just one journey
Towards different forms
Just one trip
Towards the orgy of hues

Unknown signs and words unheard of
An unknown world, on an end not known
It’s the same body, but still another soul
Same vision always in another dimension

Again I’m here
Standing at the gate with a key in my hand
And I get myself together

The hues and the forms
Keep dragging me, a different reality
A marvelous world

A thousand faces of a thousand insanities
A thousand torments of a thousand pains
A thousand ends of a thousand deaths
A thousand pathways of a thousand ends...

The will to break out
The wish to be free
Fear of the forms
Dread of insanity

Fluttering silence and a moment of darkness
Insanity grabs my hands and I’m dancing too
An unknown reflection in the unknown eyes
It’s an unknown dream but it’s still mine

The darkness slowly pulls me under
My strength fails me and I’m getting lost
A strange world and strange forms
Let my soul have no peace
Track Name: Unholy Rituals - A Night In The Forest
This night shadows reach out
Their claws reaching above your bed
They will grab you and drag you far away
To a forest glade

Weird beings, Belial’s armies
May you all be blessed in lord’s name
Fallen angels, ancient divinities
Send us a silhouette who’ll make us shiver

We are the hounds of hell in this land
Unholy rituals revive this day
We serve the dark lord from the soul
Need no mercy from your god

Walls crumble down, and reality is far away
The gate has opened up, and darkness covers all

Lord your hunger we shall ease
Take your humble offerings
Fulfill our request
Give the power in our hands
Track Name: In Your Nightmares
Moments of light disappear, as the night comes near
The moon will soon in the sky appear
Rays of sun are fading, dark embraces all
The time is here my being come you near
It will find you, wrap you in its web
And poison you with fear with its kisses of the dead

The shadow will find you, haunt you in your sleep
They titter at your fear, and won’t let you in peace
And I too stand among them shattering your dreams
Breaking through your soul we’re sucking out your valour
We will feel the emptiness with never ending terror
And watch while you quiver in your nightmares

Houses in deserted streets, crumbling to dust
They’re waiting to swallow with wide open doors
On a filthy corner the shadows stand awaiting
With their long arms for you they keep reaching
But I too among them, we watch your agonizing
Detestation in your hearts, we want to see you dying

I am the wind in the night
I follow your every step
And I shall be your death
For my name is…
Track Name: Lurking Fear
Light of the howling moon burning
Bearing the shadow of fear
Rotten trees crying out to the sky
Saying destruction is near

From an ancient distant cold land
From a reality long gone
They will find their way back
As they hear the call

Ancient shapes long forgotten
Awakened from this long sleep
We shall not remain unpunished
And survive its first master
Will rule the earth again and
We will have to serve

Shadows of ancient gods awaken
They lived with us deep inside
Lurking while awaiting the call
We’re condemned to our final fall

Ancient shapes…

Lurking fear come for us…
Track Name: Falling Apart
You want to break out but you are in your own prison
Trying to run from your demons, but they won’t leave you alone

They are ripping your flesh
Tearing you to pieces
Swallowing you
Vomit your bits
And leave you there

You feel you’re falling apart, can’t stay in one piece
Pulling your parts together, but insanity won’t let it be
You fear you have no chance, it’s true, it is long gone
Torn apart with no control, what will you become
Toy of deranged instincts, weapon of madness, that’s what you will be

Biting you and snatching you, there is no escape
Don’t know who you used to be, now you serve the insane
They despise you and watch you, it’s time for your revenge
You’re obliged to make them meet their end

You feel you’re falling apart, can’t stay in one piece
Pulling your parts together but some force won’t let it be
It keeps pulling you back, there is no escape
What will you become, torn in half with no self control

You want to break out of your captivity, but you will serve eternally
Tried to run from yourself but yourself is what you find
You’ve become the demon and you are the messiah
But there is no escape from your hell, cause you are hell inside
Track Name: Voices
I’ ve
Seen it all before
It haunts me in my sleep
Its eyes burn with madness
As it sways its arms towards me
I tremble with fear
While the lights are growing dim
No use trying to draw back
The shape keeps reaching after me

Voices from the night, the hollow or the blaze
Voices from the space, the blood or the veins

On the verge of dreaming
After reality
On the limit of all senses
Makes itself from the hidden image
Long forgotten
It revives and sees
Wanders between thoughts
Panting for revenge


Scattered all around
Lay the pieces of a broken image
Impossible to rejoin
Insanity wanders about between us
Between you and me
Or between me and me
It slips in everywhere
Into my being

Voices from the night, the future or the past
Voices from the dust, the pit on the mind