Doors to Silence

by Jane Dark

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Andrej Romić
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Andrej Romić Jane Dark, an awesome melodic-ish yet dark black/death metal band from Senta, Serbia. This is their latest record from 2014. Also my fave! Favorite track: The Last Day of Autumn.
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Recorded from 2010 to 2013 in Darman studio and mastered by Deák Árpád. This album was mostly focused on songs written during the 2003-2005 period, although 'Symphony of the Dark' was among the first tracks written by the band back in 2000. Many changes were made to the songs during the recording process and we feel that we have come a lot closer to finding our own sound.

Similarly to the previous ones, the cover of this album was created by the band and inspired by friends - the doors to silence, to eternal solitude, something many of our close friends have already found.


released July 29, 2014

Guest appearances:
Nagy Árpád: violin on 'Land of Desire' and 'Fading of Flowers'
Deák Anikó: vocals on 'Fading of Flowers' and 'Fallen'



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Jane Dark Zenta, Serbia

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Track Name: Land of Desire
The weight of bleakness buries me
I would flee if my feet were not being held down
Back to my long forgotten kingdom
Into a grey and slow decease

The moon looks down
Scream at me
But i don’t understand
Her words of green
Showing me the purple road
With its glow
The roots bite into me
And pull me down

Lamias circling above me
They’ve abandoned the Moon’s shiny court
Offering the keys of oblivion
So i can start my journey through the fog

I finally see, not just look in this grey street
There sit the silhouettes up on the fence
They leap into a deeper slumber
And i follow them into the coveted world

I slowly come to encircled in rags of burning flesh

A cold and dreary vastness of stones
Slimy pulp in the thick of it
Takes shape somewhere in the distance
Stares at me with its million eyes

I can feel its stench on myself
How desperately it hungers life
Approaches me with its billowing body
Yet i am nothing but a part of it
My arm becomes one with its spine
Its spine with a mouldering marrow

The weight of memories buries me
If i could find the path i would run away
To return to the illusion of reality
The eternal realm of twilight

The moon looks down
Scream at me
Now i hear
Its words of warning
I never trust
The sweet melody
Which call me
Cross the dark
Track Name: Canvas to Pain
I can’t reach
Across this dark
Canvas screen
Behind the pain

To see what awaits
On the other side
To see the old picture
In my mind
That i had to bury deep inside
Hidden by the bitter thought

A relic
That i painted
In my dreams
Eats into me

All crumbles away in front of me
Images turn into sounds but i dont want to hear
The awful scream in the silent night
It is Dying that has come to life

Don’t let me hear the awful scream
The dying that has come to me

Enjoy the silence embracing you instead
Paint on your canvas again
Until it’s too late
Make all traces of the past disappear
Track Name: The Last Day of Autumn
A jövő árnyéka rámvetül
Érzem ennek itt lassan vége
Tetteim megmaradnak
Míg a jelen fel nem falja
Ami most kezdődik de nekem már
Csak egy emlék hogy itt jártam
Minden arc bárcsak maradna
Örökre velem a lélek kútjában

A folyóba ugranék
Hogy a multam képeit összeszedjem
Mert az örvény elnyeli
Elsüllyeszti a jövő ködében

Hiába szólok hozzájuk
Maradjatok mert nagyon félek
Egyedül vagyok a sötétben
És a hideg mardossa testem

A padlás útvesztőjében
Áttöröm az utolsó ajtót
Ismét a tetőn állunk
A végtelen érzete átjárja testünk
De ahogyan oldalra nézek
Senki nincs már ott mellettem
Magam vagyok a testem nélkül
Nem más csak egy kóbor lélek
Track Name: Scarecrow
Been searching for you long and i’m closing in
I’ll set fire to you straw-bodied thing

Been chasing you long
But no longer conceals
Your mirage is blinding
You play games with me

You’ve been on my way, forever stopping me
Even the crows say they never see you anymore
You never think it, but the time has come
I m no longer afraid of you
Your body of straw on the ground
You no longer haunt me, blazing in the night
You never think it, but the time has come

The final moment
Of your decay
It was no use hiding
Out in the field
On my fears
But i have found you
You will no longer feast
On the edge of my thoughts

Burn, fire burn, swallow up everything
Bring my fears down in flames, forever for my life
Track Name: Fading of Flowers
Toghether again
At our old spot
You await for me
Every night
At the edge of town
Where faith still exists
But all else
Belongs to memories

Creeping towards you in the light of the stars
I open your marble gates and there you are
And i refuse to budge from your side
Until the candles are about to die

Crows squatting on the putrid trees
Are the only ones who know our love
This life tore you and i apart
And nowadays it’s the first rays of the sun

Looking around as i arrive home sated
I find there’s hardly anything that changes
I can see this dying world’s body rotting away
Decaying flesh devoured by vermin

In this rotting world
We feel like at home
Yet we have to end
Our joint path
The fading of flowers i can not reverse or stop
But your putrefaction
I’ll bring to a halt

I’m here with you my eternal love
Guarding you in the deep of the crypt
My soul raptured by the taste of your flesh
Your clotted blood i will infest with prayer
Track Name: Symphony of the Dark
Days are passing by
Everything still the same
Ant hte knife is still under our throat
We can’t expect a better tomorrow
Shiny clouds above our heads
But we are not able
To reach their glow
And all this time we dread tomorrow

Years are passing by
We’re waiting for a change
The promises all remain the same
Suffocating us with our own false hopes
Blinding us with a curtain of lies
While they’re ripping us apart
Saying it’s better
Better this way

We are yelling across the space
But our screams all fade out in the light
Crumbling down with our unanswered questions
And no one is coming to help us
Wee need some energy from our rage
To calm humiliation with revenge
To march on even if we never get anywhere
We cannot wait forever

The light needs to be killed
Because its shining is blinding
And rot is feeding its power
Through there is no hope in the dark
Its not the vicious that needs to be destroyed
But the one who stands behind him
The light needs to be killed
Because its shining is blinding
Track Name: Door to Silence
Ismét eljöttek értem
A távoli csillagok
Repülhetek fényükkel
Távoli földekre
Félek hogy nem lesz kedvem
Többé visszajönni
Itt már úgy sincs semmi
Mi vissza tud fogni

Ki lehet nyitni és
Én át tudok jutni

Az ajtónál
A csend rám vár
Hogy a végtelenbe elvezessen
Némára festett éjben éljek

Keresztül vágok időn és téren
Fájdalmat nem érezek az örök éjben
Összeillesztem a régi képet
Egyéválok a néma végtelennel

Nemond hogy nem érzed
Tudom ott él benned
És ha el is feletted
Eljön majd érted
Éjjel nem lesz álmod
Látni fogod a valóságot
Az élet egy furcsa képlet
Idegen képzelet

Az ajtón át
A csend már vár
Hogy a végtelenbe elvezessen
Némára festett éjben éljek
Ebben érjem végzetem el
Ne keljen már
Más világban
Rabként élnem
Track Name: Fallen
Cast off, all alone
Deprived of all, in the dirt
I turn to you and hold out my arm
I beg you, help me, yours is my soul

I’ve listened and believed your words
But you took away everything
All alone with my questions
Conceited god you won’t deceive me

If i had done what i wanted
I wouldn’t have got lost
It’s your laws that made me damned
My wishes in fray with your fake morality

You showed me the way
And i followed that one
But after failure you wanted me no more
Now i am the sin
And the temptation
I’ll build a new realm, outcast souls follow me

I’ll create a million gods
Just to weaken your might
Where everyone can trust themself
Not the words of a lying godhead